About myself:

At the age of 6 I got my first model train. Now more than 40 years later, that passion for model trains and trains is still present. About 10 years ago I switched to digital (2-rail DCC). As a teacher electronics soon came the idea to develop decoders themselves. After all, it was great that with the digital system the lights in the carriages continued to burn when they were stationary but more was possible. There were already manufacturers who offered function decoders with which the lights could be switched on or off. But the lighting coupe per coupe switch was not yet possible. This would be the first decoder that I would develop myself. For a participation in the mini-competition contest of Modelspoormagazine there was also developed a servodecoder and lighting decoder. Undoubtedly, later circuits will follow.



In 2016, I started Domotronics as a sole proprietorship for electricity works. That also gave me the opportunity to offer the decoders to other interested parties.

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