DCC Coach Decoder – 1st/2nd class 11 compartments – CDAB1101

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Product Description

This coach-decoder is designed for the 1st/2nd class UIC-X-coaches (e.g. ABm 225). But it can be used for other 303mm long HO-coach with 11 separate compartments in two classes. The 11 LED’s can be separately switched on or off. It is also possible to create a certain pattern of lights who than can be easily switched on or off with 1 function.  Those 11 compartment lights can be dimmed by a CV. There are also 2 separate PCB’s with the taillights included with the coach-decoder. Those taillights can be separately switched on or off and have their own CV to correct the light intensity.  The decoder supports only DCC-protocol with short or long addresses.

The Manual and mounting instruction can be downloaded here.

Technical information:

Dimensions in mm: 240(L) x 20(W) x 5(H)

Distance between LED’s : 20,2/24,1mm

Distance between 1st and last LED: 219,6mm



  • 1 DCC coach decoder
  • 2 Tail light PCB’s


Not included:

  • Power pickup strips
  • The coach


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