DCC – Pilot Coach Decoder

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This Pilot Coach-decoder is specifically designed for Pilot Coaches. The digital address of the pulling or pushing loco can be entered in 2 specific CV’s. The decoder will then automatically switch from white to red lights if the loco changes it’s direction.

The decoder has 5 outputs to control several functions:

  • Red lights (F0)
  • White lights (F0)
  • A 3th front light (F1)
  • Driver’s cabin light (F2)
  • Interior light strip (F3)

There are 2 CV to control the light intensity, one for the front lights and a second one for driver’s cabin light and interior light.

The decoder supports only DCC-protocol with short or long addresses and POM.

Manual can be downloaded.

Please contact me by e-mail for front light panels. Some panels are already designed like for the M1 and M4 coach.


Technical information:

Dimensions in mm: 23(L) x 16(W) x 5(H)



  • 1 DCC Pilot Coach decoder


Not included:

  • Power pickup strips
  • Front light panel
  • Driver’s cabin light
  • Interior light strip


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